Posted by: james | October 7, 2009

Great Feature of Magento — Inline Translation

if you want to change any text in magento then use inline translation tool. just go to admin panel and in that system–>configuration–> and in that click on developer and in that selcet store view from left and then select yes on inline translate tab.

dont forget to select store from upper left hand side.

so now you can view one book symbol and now go to particular text or string and click on that book symbol near to it and then enter new string and click on submit. and refresh page now that effect will come through over whole site for that word.

but on some page like checkout you can’t use this functionality or in tab where data come from call of AJAX, there you can’t use this functionlaity. SO to change any text at that place just go to csv file and change that. But its risky because of may be some time that value get error and through out whole site you get error.

so to solve that error go to phpmyadmin, i mean to say go to database and on that click on table core_translate.and in that pass that string with value.

For ex. we want to change Account Info to Greek languange then enter this kind of string.

insert into core_translate (string,store_id,translate,locale) values (Namespace_ModuleName::’string want to change’,your store id,locale for that).

in our example my that module store in local in that bank in that transfer and i want to change Account Info so my first argument will be like this..

first Argument : Bank_Transfer::Account Info
second Argument : My store id = 1
third Argument : ?????f???e? ???a??asµ??
foruth Argument : it will be locale name for greek: may be this (el_GR);

thus you can change any word or string using inline translation..
feel free to ask me if you have any question..


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