Posted by: james | September 9, 2009

Javascript + important notes..

here path is another variable and it has value of some path.

<form action=”‘+path+’new_contact.php”>
to use single quotation in js use \
here WEBPATH is constant, but you pass its value.
ex. if you want to write onclick = “return function_name(‘WEBPATH’)” and if it throws any error then, write                like this, onclick = “return function_name(\’WEBPATH\’)”….

you have more than one check box and onlyu one text box. and you want to display data into text box which are selected from check box with comma seprated… then do as following..
function value_new()
var temparr = new Array();
var inputs = document.getElementsByTagName(‘input’);
for(var i = 0; i<inputs.length;i++)
if(inputs[i].type == ‘checkbox’)
if(inputs[i].checked == true)
var val = inputs[i].value;
document.getElementById(‘mail’).value = val; // here textbox’s name and id is                                                 mail
temparr[temparr.length] = document.getElementById(‘mail’).value;
document.send.mail.value = temparr.join(‘,’); // form name send


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